Post mastectomy EVERYDAY bra with lace

Everyday Bra with lace, a perfect blend of comfort and elegance tailored for women post-mastectomy. Experience comfort and convenience with inside pockets for prostheses, allowing you to embrace an active lifestyle seamlessly. Crafted with care, this bra combines support and style, empowering you to feel confident every day. Elevate your recovery journey with this essential piece – order now for a blend of comfort and functionality. EVERY BRA COMES WITH SPECIAL LAUNDY BAG!

  • Purposeful Design: Our Everyday Bra is expertly crafted for post-mastectomy comfort, featuring discreet inside pockets to securely hold prostheses.

  • -Seamless Comfort: Experience a blend of softness and support, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout your daily activities, whether at the gym or on-the-go. Don't compromise on comfort!

  • -Active Lifestyle Style: Designed to empower women after mastectomy, this bra offers the confidence, beauty and comfort everytime you wear it.

  • -Thoughtful Construction: The bra's thoughtful construction not only provides essential support but also embraces a stylish look, ensuring you feel good inside and out.

  • -Easy Care, Lasting Quality: Enjoy the durability of our bra, designed for easy maintenance and long-lasting comfort – a reliable choice for your post-mastectomy journey. It's your ticket to a stylish, supportive, and active lifestyle.

Material:: 85% nylon, 15% elastane